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Sale Non-performing part of Business I Sale Not-profitable branch I Sale Franchise of a City I Sale Delearship I Sale your Startup 
Selling a entire business and selling a not performing part of your business are the part of Business Strategies to expand or to start a new business.Yeforum provide a online platform to sale non-productive part of business and connect with Investors,Yeforum will connect with Investors looking for purchase, if deal closed with the consultation of Yeforum experts team than 2% of Amount is applicable as Consultation Fee other than Lead generation Fee.

Process of Selling Business on Yeforum

  • Today

    Explain your requirements and background in a clear manner. Shortlist businesses which match your requirements and express your interest to connect with them.

  • Tomorrow

    YEFORUM reviews your profile and activates it. You will be introduced to the businesses you have connected with and can connect with further businesses based on our recommendations.

  • By Third Week of September

    You can contact businesses directly to have initial discussions. Use our proprietary rating system to evaluate these businesses and their valuations.

  • By First Week of October

    You may have to sign a NDA to receive further information such as Information Memorandum, Financials and Valuation from the Business

  • By December

    If the business is suitable to your requirements, issue a Letter of Intent. Appoint due diligence advisors for cross-checking information. After due diligence is completed, make the purchase to own the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

we define Business Valuation as a technique used to capture the true value of the business. Common approaches to business valuation include Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Trading Comparables, and Transaction Comparables method described below. When do you need a Business Valuation? The following are some of the common reasons which necessitate valuing your business Selling the business Fund raising from VC or IPO Issuing stock to employees Tax purposes Liquidation of the company Financial reporting related Litigation related What is a Business’ value? A company is held by two categories of owners, shareholders and debt holders. The value of a pure business which accrues to both categories of owners is called the Enterprise Value, whereas the value which accrues just to shareholders is the Equity Value (also called market cap for listed companies). Companies are compared using the enterprise value instead of equity value as debt and cash levels may vary significantly even between companies in the same industry. During an acquisition, depending on whether it is an asset purchase or a stock purchase, valuation of appropriate elements of the business needs to be carried out.
Young Entrepreneurs Business Forum (Yeforum) is an Association of young entrepreneurs, CEO/founders, Investors, Business Brokers, top Management executives of companies to encourage productive networking, Entrepreneurship, Latest Tool & Techniques, Cost Effective methods & Business practices, International standards. Website is an online platform which aims to remove all the clutter and make quality introductions between businesses, investors, acquirers, lenders and advisers, extending beyond their geographical locations. Yeforum is not an Investment Company, Yeforum provide online networking between Investors, Buyers, Franchise, Individual Buyers & Sponsors to Generate organic leads for members.
Yeforum is the Business Association of CEO, Founders, Investors Why to Join? who to Join? 1. Business looking for Investment for their upcoming project/event/startup/planning. 2. Business Looking for Partners/Investors/Technology Sharing Co-founders 3. Business Looking for expending their business by offering Franchise across the Globe. 4. Investors Looking for Verified Business for Investment. 5. Business & Startups Looking for Organic Innovative & Creative ways of Branding & Promotion. 6. Start A Business: Individuals looking for start a business 7.Event Organisers Looking for Sponsors for Event. 8. Business Adviors/Brokers looking for projects for Investment.
If you are a Startup Owner and Looking for Investors for your Business than Create a Business Looking for Investment profile by clicking on Create A business Profile on Home Page and fill up all details. we will verify all details and publish on Yeforum. we would circulate your proposal to all Investors, your Private Information will be hidden & Secure on Yeforum. we will connect interested investors proposal with you for further needful. Yeforum may charge applicable Consultation Fee on successfully closure of Deal.