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 Young Entrepreneurs Business Forum is an Association of Young Entrepreneurs working for encouraging entrepreneurship, networking, use of latest tool & techniques etc. providing opportunities & Platform by organizing events, seminars, conference, meetups, technology summits, trade shows, B2B fairs, round table discussions across the Globe. ​

Yeforum is implementing vision & Mission with support of Industry Members, Associations & Volunteer support of Chapters & leaders.

Yeforum 'entrepreneurs Community' may help  in developing business in many ways i.e. Networking, Tie-ups & Co-founder, Lead Generation, User Experience, Branding & Promotion, business diversification, Communication, Digital Media, Industry specific insights, Product Development etc.

CEO/Founders, Investors, Freelancers, Managers, top & middle managment executives are active Members. Yeforum have 15000+ Active Members & 1 Lakh indirect businessman members across the Globe.